The Writing Process: A Presentation in GIFs

If you couldn’t already tell from my previous posts, I love GIFs. ┬áThat being said, I decided to make another one featuring GIFs that highlights the super-fun writing process! *insert sarcastic thumbs-up here* Let’s get started!

One day you’re just sitting there like

When suddenly inspiration hits you like

So you rush to your computer like

And start typing like a crazy person like

Then you lose track of time until you fall asleep and you wake up like

And at work/school you can’t stop thinking about what you’ve written like

So you finally get home all excited and ready to write like

When suddenly writer’s block hits you like

And you sit there staring at the screen and panicking like

So you desperately type out something, anything, like

But when you read it back its bad and you’re just like

You convince yourself that you’re terrible and sit there like

And you brand yourself a failure like

So you don’t write for a while and spend your time procrastinating like

Until one day you buckle down and write something and it’s actually pretty good and you feel like

And you tell yourself that you’re going to stay motivated and keep writing like


And when you finally finish it looks like

– Julia