Summer Excitement in Breaking Bad GIFs

SUMMAH IS HERE.  I’m just as excited as you are.  But do movies and TV give us unrealistic expectations of magical summers? As they say in France, le duh.  But guess what? You can still have an awesome summer.  Here’s how, according to the characters of Breaking Bad.  SPOILER ALERT.

1. Catch up on sleep

2. Go swimming

I feel dirty for laughing at this.

3. Get a summer job.

* maybe not this job

4. Pick up a new hobby

Jesus Christ Marie! They're Minerals!. .

5. Connect with friends and family

6. Take a summer vacation

7. Learn something you always wanted to

* take your time

8. Play some video games

9. Work through your backlog of movies and TV

10. Get rid of the negatives in your life

11. And add some positives

* P.S. I LOVE whoever made this

12. Do some soul-searching.

13. Maybe you’ll discover a new talent!

14. Remember not to take yourself too seriously this summer.

15. And don’t get into trouble.

16. Expand your culinary palette.

17. Read.  Read.  Read.

18. Plan a really great prank.

19.  Learn a new language.

20. Relax this summer.

21. You’ll thank yourself for all you’ve done come next fall.


22. Have a great summer, everyone!

– Julia

Last Day Of Summer Memories

The Daily Suck

Don’t worry, I’ll try not to make this post too depressing.

If you haven’t started school yet, today is pretty much the last day of summer for you.  Wasn’t that a fun way to start this out? The correct answer is no, it wasn’t, but I’m not going to be like those stupid back to school commercials with all the smiling kids and catchy jingles.  I tend to take the Pink Floydian view on education, as in “we don’t need no”, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take my notoriously poor attitude towards our grand school system.  You may even be happy about going back to school, and if you are, you’re a better person than I.  But I still refuse to write anything about school on the last day of summer, so I made a list (can you tell I like lists?) of my favorite things that happened this summer.  Maybe all the happy memories will sustain me through this semester at least.

1. Gigs!
My band Spinning Jenny was very blessed this year to be able to play a gig almost every weekend this summer.  Aside from winning the Paramore contest, opening for Casey James, recording our first two original songs, & meeting Rob Parissi of Wild Cherry (which I’ve talked about), we’ve gotten the opportunity to play some incredible shows, meet some even more incredible people, and grow in skill and exposure.  Spinning Jenny has always been awesome, but this summer was fantastic in particular. 

2. Vacation To Universal Studios
Back in July, my parents took me and my sisters to Universal Studios for a few days and we had a blast! Besides riding the incredible new Transformers ride five times, we got to do everything there was to do in the two parks, including getting a picture with spider-man (my first superhero love), and watching the hilarious Horror Make-Up Show.  Universal Studios was a great experience with my family that I still think about today!

3. Myrtle Beach Vacation
Because my parents are so wonderful, kind, and generous (Hi mom & dad) we not only went to Universal Studios but Myrtle Beach this summer! I absolutely love Myrtle Beach; the beach, the hotel, the shows, the shopping, THE SEAFOOD *drool*, everything.  It’s so relaxing and we never ran out of things to do.  Plus we got the best frozen yogurt every night that still makes me cry tears of joy when I think about it.  I really like frozen yogurt. 

4. Completing the Jillian Michaels 90-Day Body Revolution
This is one I never expected to do, let alone be able to do.  I didn’t really have any weight to lose before I started, but I never exercised or tried to eat right.  When my mom decided that we were going to attempt it as a family, I was not into it at all, and at first it was ridiculously difficult.  But as we stayed committed and worked hard, I found myself feeling better and gaining more pride in my hard work.   Now that I’ve completed it, I’ve gained an entirely new respect for myself and my health & my family and I have bonded by getting healthy together.  The exercise program wasn’t for my weight so much as discovering what I am capable of and I’m all the better for it. 

5. Starting I Suck At Being A Teenage Girl
And finally, my blog! I’ve only been at it for eight days and it’s already made me so much happier and more fulfilled! I can’t tell you how glad I am to be able to write this blog and I hope you all enjoy reading it as well! Maybe it’ll even inspire you to start your own blog.  Sucking at being a teenage girl has never made me happier.

So there you have it! A few of my great summer memories to last me through the school year! Now it’s your turn.  Sound off in the comments with your summer memories! It’ll make you feel better and hey, maybe you’ll realize you had a better summer than you thought.