Going On Vacation To An Amusement Park: Yet Another Presentation In GIFs

I LOVE going on vacation! Getting there can be a long and arduous task, but once you get to the amusement park/beach/city it makes it all worth it. ┬áLet’s take a look at this process and fantasize about vacations that we will never go on (a trip to the Moon, anyone?) Today we’re focusing on amusement park trips!

So your parents tell you that you’re going on vacation and you’re like

And you immediately start shopping for clothes like

But packing them all is another thing and you’re like

Mr Bean Packing

So vacation day arrives and you have to wake up super early to leave like

And you have to wait FOREVER to check in with your airline like

And all of those airport security signs make you suspicious of everybody like

So you finally get to security and no matter how many times you’ve done it, walking through the metal detector thing makes you all nervous like

But when they clear you to go through you feel inappropriately triumphant like

So after making it through the entire airport you get on your flight and there’s that one annoying person who walks by you like

But you try to relax anyway up until the takeoff, and you’re all like

And once you get up in the air you try to distract yourself and read, but then you get airsick like

And you end up just sleeping through the flight like

But you finally get there and on the way to your hotel you’re like

You check in inside the lobby, and when you go up to your room and look in the mirror you look like

But once you freshen up a little you’re all like

So the next day you finally get to the park and you’re all like

And you speed off to your favorite ride like

And as you’re riding you’re filled with pure joy like

But later somebody asks you to ride the HUGE roller coaster with them and you’re like

But they make fun of you until you agree like

So you’re in line and your friend asks you if you’re ok and you’re like

You get to the car and the attendant straps you in like

And you’re FREAKING OUT like

And when the moment of doom hits and the roller coaster starts you’re all like

And you’re left at the mercy of this giant ride until the end like

So you eventually get off and you look like

And you’re on such a high that you walk away from the ride like an idiot like

And when your friend asks you if you liked it you’re just like

At the end of the day you and your siblings are bouncing off the walls like

So you go back to the hotel and throw up all of the cotton candy and ice cream you ate like

– Julia