An Accurate Depiction Of My Life In A Band In GIFs

If you haven’t read some of my previous posts (shame on you), then you might not know that I am in a band called¬†Spinning Jenny. ¬†If you’re a Paramore fan, then you may know us as the winners of their “Still Into You” cover contest! ¬†Regardless if you’re familiar with my band or not, I hope that you enjoy this post that answers a question I am frequently asked: “so, what’s it like being in a band?”

Lucky for you, I brought GIFs! *squee*

The process basically starts like this…

You want to learn a new song, so you listen to one and you’re either like

Or like

So then you have to learn it, and sometimes it’s easy and you’re like

But sometimes it’s really hard and you’re like

So you finally learn it and you play it all together for the first time and it sounds terrible like

But after you practice it a couple times you’re like

So finally it’s the day of the show and you wake up like

But as the day goes on the anxiety builds and you’re like

So you get to wherever you’re playing and sometimes there’s only one person there like

But sometimes there’s that glorious moment when a lot of people are there and on stage it looks like

So you gulp down your nervousness like

And you start to rock it out like

Then you notice people are getting into it like

So you start going nuts like

But SOMETIMES you get too into it and mess up a little and mentally you’re like

But when you look out at the crowd they’re still like

So you just move on like

You finish up your last song all confident like

And people are clapping like

And you think you look cool but really you’re just grinning like

So you take down all of your equipment and by now you look like

Reaction GIF: sweating, Robert Hays, Airplane!

But somehow people still want to talk to you afterwards and you feel like

And there’s always that one drunk guy who’s like

So you just take it all in like

And once you finally get home you’re just like

So when you wake up the next day somebody calls and books you for another show and you’re like

And so the process starts all over again!

– Julia