About Me

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! My name is Julia.  I’m seventeen and I suck at being a teenage girl.  Why?  I could say that it’s because I only average 1 tweet per month, am terrible at taking selfies, and have, for better or for worse, never read a Nicholas Sparks novel.   Hopefully, however, I’ll be able to give some insight on why being different is a good thing and why you should try sucking at your life once in a while.

On this blog, you will find posts that unashamedly talk about my (unusual) perspective on life and all the things I love:  music, books, video games, movies, poetry, and writing.  I hope you enjoy this blog.  I hope this blog makes you smile.  I hope this blog makes you think.  But most of all, I hope this blog inspires you to be who you are.  Because that person is pretty great.

Happy reading!

– Julia

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’ve read some of your musings and I must say you’re my new favorite teenager. I’m 27 now, but was never good at being a teenage girl either… So I’m glad to see the tradition lives on! I will definitely be checking back and reading your posts. You’re obviously incredibly intelligent!

    • Thank you so much! That’s so nice of you! It’s great to hear from other people who have or had the same problem that I do, either because there aren’t that many or they’re just ashamed to admit it that they suck at it! I seriously appreciate the support so much, and will absolutely be checking out your blog as well!

  2. Hi! I found your blogs, and I absolutely love it. I’m turning 17 next month! I followed your blog, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading your posts! Check my blog out if you want. Xoxo Meena

    • Thank you so much!!! Happy early birthday! I really appreciate that and I am looking forward to reading yours as well! By the way, I am homeschooled as well! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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