The Stages of Staying Up All Night In GIFs

Hi! I’ve only been up for two hours! Why? Because I was up all night, baby!

Nope, that’s not how it happened.  But if getting sucked into the swirling black hole of procrastination that is the internet is partying, then yeah I partied HARDCORE.  You’ve been there before.  Enjoy this handy-dandy presentation in GIFs!

“Just one…more…level…” you say to yourself as you force yourself to stay awake.  The world ain’t gonna save itself!

Ah, there we go.  Mission accomplished.  You reward your heroics by going to bed.  “Sleep is great!” you think foolishly.

You snuggle in the sheets all comfy….BUT WAIT

There’s that super important internet thing that you forgot to check! It can’t wait, obviously.  Phase 1 complete.

Man, that music video by that artist you kind of like was awesome! Ooh, suggestions column? Better watch all of their videos just to see if they’re worth listening to.  Somehow you go from this…


To this…


To this…




Add ten points if you’ve avoided Wrecking Ball so far! So you’ve gotten your fill of music.  Time to see what your friends (and frenemies) have been up to.  To Facebook!

It’s all fun and games until you see somebody’s status that makes you all like…

So you make sure to type “” in the most annoyed way possible JUST SO THEY KNOW THAT YOU KNOW.  Of course Pinterest is the event horizon of the internet, and once you’re there you can forget sleep.

The next few hours are a blur as you become into a raging, pinning, maniac and honestly it’s best that you won’t remember this part the next day.

^ accurate picture of you.

Eventually, something draws your eyes to the clock.  You react appropriately.

Now is the moment of truth.  You must ask yourself a question.  Are you going to sleep tonight?


You take a deep breath.  You crack your knuckles.  You look that computer right in the eye and whisper:


Triumphant over the powers of basic human needs, you enter the final and most fearsome pit of the internet…Netflix.

Of course the next day you wake up like…


– Julia

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