My Poetry: “Roots” and “Your Gift”

I’ve got not one poem for you today, but two! The first one is called “Roots” and the second is titled, “Your Gift”.  As usual, feel free to interpret in anyway you like and let me know what you come up with in the comments! I would love to discuss these and my other poetry with you.  Enjoy!


You’re never going to see this tired bind of flower dreams

Blossoming inside my head

and behind my eyes

and between my lashes

That spread their grasping roots through every nerve

so even my fingertips are thirsting for your rainfall


Alright, after you’ve gelled with that one for a second, here’s the second one.

“Your Gift”

everything that’s ever made you break

and anything that’s made you come undone

all the pieces torn up in your hands

and all the threads that ever came unraveled


I don’t just want your sunny day

and I don’t just want the easy smiles

the way you laugh and look at me

and when your heartbeat matches mine


I want everything you have

give every joy and pain and last goodbye

it’s not a pretty present

but it’s beautiful to me


So what did you think? All writers need feedback.  Let me know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading!

– Julia




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