Spinning Jenny Music Video Teasers

The Daily Suck

Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day for Spinning Jenny.  Why? We’re starting the shoot of our very first music video for our song, “Outside The Lines”! It’s going to be a brand new experience for us and something that we’ve always wanted to do.  It’s a complicated process, though, and the video itself is going to be semi-elaborate with a lot of details and special effects involved.  That being said, I figured that I would tease some of the stuff you’ll see in the video once it’s finished! Check it out:

  • At least five wardrobe changes for us! (I honestly don’t even know how we got all that shopping done)
  • Several different locations (that range in look and tone)
  • Lots of running (and when I say “lots” I mean, like, LOTS)
  • Possible fainting goats cameo (no comment)
  • Use of contrast in colors and environment
  • A blooper reel and a behind-the-scenes video to boot!

I am very excited to start shooting this video and see everything come together! You can also check out pictures that I’ll publish as the shooting moves along! Stay tuned till tomorrow evening to read how the day went!


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